Tips for Navigating a Stadium on Game Day

If there is one thing that is obvious about game day is that it is absolutely hectic. The stadium is overrun with people and it can be quite difficult to move about, let alone find your seat. This can be a problem as no one wants to waste their time, wandering about lost while there is an exciting footy match going on! If you want to be able to navigate this space with the greatest of ease, here are some tips to follow:

Hold Onto Your Map

Many stadiums such as the Etihad Stadium will provide you with an online version of an Etihad Stadium seating guide that you should be able to print out. Now, of course, this comes in most handy when you are booking your tickets – this map tells you what can kind of view you can expect. This can be just as helpful on game day. Since it is a map of the field and the surrounding seating arrangements, it can act as an excellent guide. While this may not necessarily point you to where you need to sit, it will give you a general idea of the direction that you need to be headed in.

Stake Out the Important Places Beforehand

There are several reasons why you should get to a sporting event quite early. One of these are so that you can familiarise yourself with the layout. More importantly, you will be able to see where all of the essential areas are. This includes where the bathrooms and the snack bar is. By mapping out where all of these places are, you will be able to find them more quickly. This is particularly vital if you only have a short time before the action gets underway again. Also, it will prevent you from getting lost and ending up in a different part of the arena.

Create a Route You Can Stick to

Since you are checking out all of the important spots ahead of time, it is important to start creating mental routes for yourself. To do this, pick out small landmarks as such that will distinguish that part of the building. Now, most arenas will not allow you to take pictures while you are inside. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make some notes for yourself. Therefore, jot down a pathway on your phone. This way, you don’t have to rely on the unsustainable method of ‘that looks familiar’. You will be able to check your notes and see if you are headed in the right direction.

Find an Experienced Friend

If you really are worried about not being able to find your way around, take a friend who has already been there a few times. This way, you will be able to drag them with you whenever you get hungry or need to go to the bathroom. Just remember to reward them with food and drink and not to take them away from the game too much.

This is all the help that you will need to help you navigate through an arena on one of its busiest days.

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